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Hourly Fee: $45.00
Monthly Fee (4 hours) $160.00

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Hourly Fee: $45.00
Monthly Fee (4 hours) $160.00

About the Teacher 

Jill Sousa  is a credentialed teacher and has worked as an elementary school teacher for the Saddleback Valley School District for 10 years. She has a Master of Science in Education, with an emphasis on Reading & Writing.

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Private Assessment - FREE (a $45.00 value)
We begin with offering a free reading and writing assessment with a credentialed teacher.  The assessment will determine students' areas of strengths and areas needing improvement.  From this assessment, we gather the information to establish an individualized learning plan that will best meet the needs of the individual student.  

Private Tutoring 
Parents and students are always looking for ways to improve reading and writing skill in order to raise grades. With over 25% of America’s students receiving private tutoring, the benefits seem apparent.  Students receive private tutoring because they need individualized support.  Gifted students may want the extra challenge presented through private tutoring.  So, there is no shortage of reasons to consider hiring a tutor.  But what are the specific advantages?

1.  Individualized Attention
This is the greatest value of private tutoring. Students are less likely to be distracted. They can focus without interruption on the task before them. Private tutoring can be more comfortable for students, allowing them to relax and learn more. And, since there is only one student, tutors can cover a lot more material than a classroom teacher.

2.  Specialized Tutor / Teacher
Jill Sousa is a credentialed teacher with a Master of Science in Education, specializing in reading & writing. She has a passion for inspiring students to overcome the challenges that are keeping them from their potential. (Parent Testimonials)

3. Improved Self-Image 
Once children know they can accomplish something academically, they become more confident. As their self-esteem grows, they develop a better self-image. This makes them more open to learning new material and tackling class projects. Private tutoring can be particularly helpful if your child is shy or is uncomfortable around their peers.

4. Improve on Standardized Tests
Private tutoring can help students improve scores on standardized tests. A tutor can effectively identify student strengths and weaknesses. They will use student strengths to shore up weaknesses. This can make the difference between an average score and a competitive score.


Free Reading Assessment

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