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Reading Groups
1 hour per week
2-3 students
Hourly Fee: $25.00
Monthly Fee (4 hours): $95.00

Reading Tutor 
Jill Sousa
Hourly Fee: $45.00 
Monthly Fee (4 hours): $160.00

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 The Elements of a Successful Reading Program

Free Reading Assessment  
The challenge for most parents is finding a qualified reading specialist in South Orange County that can properly identify the cause of the child's reading struggles. Once properly identified, the reading tutor will be able to develop an individualized reading strategy.

The Reading Assessment will evaluate your child's ability level in the following areas...
  • Letter knowledge - Associate sounds with letters
  • Phonemic awareness - Hear and manipulate sounds in words
  • Decoding - Corresponding letter sounds  to recognize words
  • Fluency - Reading words in connected text
  • Reading comprehension - Understanding the meaning of text

Reading Groups - Motivating Kids to Read
Reading groups are an essential part of the learning process. Arden Reading offers small groups of 2-3 students that meet once a week for one hour. These reading groups are based on an appropriate reading level and all the students will be reading the same book. 

The benefits of reading groups
  • Small group round robin reading
  • Choral reading (students read aloud in unison)
  • Paired reading (students read to each other)
  • Echo reading (student copies teachers reading using similar
  •  tone, voice inflection and dramatic flair 
Reading Group Fees $25.00 per hour - or - $95.00 (4 hours) per month

Private Reading Tutor


Every child will need some level of individualized tutoring and feedback. Some very involved parents will only need to hire a private tutor occasionally, while others would much rather allow a reading specialist to work with their child. 

The benefits to private tutoring include..
  • Private individualized attention
  • customized problem solving
  • Individualized motivation
  • Personal accountability
  • Increased self esteem
Private Reading Tutor Fees: 
$45.00 per hour - or $160.00 (4 hours) per month

Parent Participation
The single most important thing you can do to help your child succeed in school is to read with them every day. The National Commission on Reading concluded that "reading aloud by parents is the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading." Experts still think that reading aloud to children is a better way to help kids learn to read themselves than computer games or electronic toys. We encourage you to go to our reading list on the parent resource page and find a book that you can read together.

Reading Resources for Parents
  • Tips and how to help improve your child's reading
  • Kids reading activites
  • Kids reading worksheets
  • Kids reading games 
  • Online kids reading Interectives
  • Kids reading websites
  • kids reading video's and podcast

Free Reading Assessment

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