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Writing Workshops 
1 hour per week
4-6 students
Hourly Fee: $20.00
Monthly Fee (4 hours): $70.00

Writing Tutor 
Jill Sousa
 Hourly Fee: $45.00 
Monthly Fee (4 hours): $160.00

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Key Elements to a Successful Writing Program

  • Correctly identify the problem - Free Writing Assessment
  • Receive the appropriate instruction - Writing Workshops
  • Schedule regular time for practice - Writing Workshops
  • Hire a specialized writing tutor for any problem areas - Writing Tutor
  • Parent Participation - Parent Resources

Free Writing Assessment 
There are so many building blocks to become a successful writer that it is often difficult for parents to identify what is causing a child to struggle. Children are struggling today to find enough time to master the writing skills being taught. It is common for children to skip essential building blocks that cause them to struggle in every subject. It is critically important to properly identify the ares of struggle and prescribe the appropriate instruction needed.

The free writing assessment will test students in the following areas...
  • Ideas - The main message
  • Organization - The internal structure of the piece
  • Voice - The personal tone and flavor of the author's message
  • Word Choice - The vocabulary a child chooses to convey meaning
  • Sentence Fluency - The rhythm and flow of the language
  • Conventions - The mechanical correctness
  • Presentation / Handwriting - How the writing actually looks on the page

Writing Workshops - Inspiring Kids to Write  
Arden writing workshops are structured in a way that allow small groups of students to enjoy learning how to write. Research on the writing process suggests that writers learn the most about writing when they share and reflect on their writing. This is most commonly done through writing groups. Whether they occur with pairs, with small groups, or with the teacher, the social benefits of sharing writing improves writing. Arden Writing workshops are limited to 6 students and are offered once a week for 1 hour.

What are the benefits of group writing?
  • They involve a non-threatening audience of peers
  • Peers or teacher can provide immediate feedback or can immediately ask for clarifications
  • They can promote positive attitudes about writing and increased motivation to revise
  • Students experience a wide range of writing abilities and topics
Writing Workshop Topics
Paragraph Writing, Essay Writing, Narrative Essay Writing, Poetry Writing

Writing Workshop Fees
$20.00 per hour - or - $70.00 (4 hours) per month

Private Writing Tutor  
When a child is struggling with writing it effects every area of the life. Your only choice is to sign up for a writing workshop / class or hire a writing tutor. At Arden Reading Center, we encourage you to do both. The writing workshop allows the child to practice their writing while a private writing tutor helps narrow in on the areas that the child is still struggling. The combination of the writing workshop and private writing tutoring is the most effective way to improve a child's writing.

The benefits to private tutoring include..
  • Private individualized attention
  • customized problem solving
  • Individualized motivation
  • Personal accountability
  • Increased self esteem
Private Writing Tutor Fees: 
$45.00 per hour - or $160.00 (4 hours) per month

Parent Participation - Parent Resources

The most important step to helping your child improve their writing is to have them take a writing assessment. The writing assessment will help identify what areas of writing you need to focus on. Once you are aware of the proper area of writing to focus on then you will be able to select the proper resource.

Writing Resources for Parents
  • Tips and how to help improve your child's writing
  • Writing activites for kids
  • Printable writing worksheets
  • Writing games for kids
  • Online Writing Interectives for kids
  • Writing websites
  • Writing video's and podcast for kids


Free Reading Assessment

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