Arden Reading & Writing Tutoring Center specializes in developing individualized strategies to help improve your child's reading comprehension and writing skills. We strongly believe that your child comes to us with individual needs, interests, motivators, and learning styles.  Unlike the current educational system, (one system fits all), Arden Tutoring Center individualizes our approach to create a successful learning strategy that will improve writing skills and improve reading comprehension. Arden offers a private reading tutor, writing tutor, small group reading programs and writing skills workshops.

Do you need more than a reading tutor..

  • to evaluate a students reading level?
  • to improve reading test scores?
  • to help motivate a student to read more?
  • to improve reading fluency?
  • to discover new ways of teaching reading?

Do you need more than a writing tutor...

  • to prepare for the 4th grade writing test?
  • to improve writing test scores?
  • to help students learn how to organize their writing?
  • to improve a students interest in writing?
  • to discover new ways to teach writing?

Consider the value of Arden Tutoring Center

Studies show that elementary school students improve reading comprehension and fluency by participating in a small group that is taught by a credentialed reading teacher. Arden combines the benefits of both private tutoring and small group classes to ensure that students receive more instruction time than traditional in home tutoring. Arden Tutoring Center serves students from South Orange County and is located in a classroom above World Elite Gymnastics in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

Consider the value of a credentialed teacher
Owner and teacher Jill Sousa has specialized in teaching reading and writing to elementary school age children since 1998.  She has a Master of Science in Education, with an emphasis on Reading & Writing.

Get started today!  It is as easy as...



Register for a FREE Reading / Writing Assessment 
Credentialed reading teacher and writing tutor Jill Sousa provides a free reading and writing assessment and will use the results to create an individualized learning strategy for your child. This free assessment is available to any family whether you intent to register for private tutoring with Arden or find your own private tutoring service. We encourage all families to use this free assessment at least once per year.

The Reading Assessment will evaluate your child's ability in the following areas...

  • Letter knowledge - The ability of your child to associate sounds with letters
  • Phonemic awareness - The ability of your child to hear and manipulate sounds in words
  • Decoding - The process of using letter sound correspondences to recognize words
  • Fluency - Your child's automatic ability to read words in connected text
  • Reading comprehension - The process of understanding the meaning of text

The Writing Assessment will evaluate your child's ability in the following areas...

  • Ideas - The main message
  • Organization - The internal structure of the piece
  • Voice - The personal tone and flavor of the author's message
  • Word Choice - The vocabulary a child chooses to convey meaning
  • Sentence Fluency - The rhythm and flow of the language
  • Conventions - The mechanical correctness
  • Presentation / Handwriting - How the writing actually looks on the page


Implement the Individualized learning strategy
Your child's individual learning strategy will identify the areas that your child is struggling and recommend a set of tools that will help them succeed. These recommended tools may include:

  • Reading Curriculum - designed for your child's learning type and skill level
  • Writing Curriculum - designed for your child's learning type and skill level
  • Private Tutoring - Individualized instruction of recommended curriculum
  • Small Group Tutoring - Individualized instruction of recommended curriculum as needed
  • Reading Groups - Designed to engage your child's interest and gain feedback from peers
  • Writing Workshops - Designed to engage your child's interest and gain feedback from peers


Participate in the process
The most valuable resource for your child is you. Owner Jill Sousa, left public school teaching and opened Arden Tutoring Center so that she would be able to homeschool her own two children. Jill is dedicated to parent education and helping provide them with the tools they need to help their children learn to read and write. 

  • Monitor your child's progress - Free assessments and private tutoring
  • Learn how to improve - Read articles that will tell you how to improve your child's reading and writing.
  • Encourage Your Child -  Reading groups and writing workshops provide encouragemet from friends
  • Stay Connected - Sign up for our newsletter, follow our blog and join us on Facebook, Google + or Twitter

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