Free Writing Assessment
The free assessment is conducted by a qualified reading specialist in South Orange County who can properly identify the cause of the child's reading struggles. Once properly identified, the reading tutor will be able to develop an individualized reading strategy.

Private Reading Tutoring
Every child will need some level of individualized tutoring and feedback. Some very involved parents will only need to hire a private tutor occasionally, while others would much rather allow a reading specialist to work with their child. 

Benefits of private tutoring:

Individualized Attention
This is the greatest value of private tutoring. Students are less likely to be distracted. They can focus without interruption on the task before them, allowing them to improve in comprehension. Private tutoring can be more comfortable for students, allowing them to relax and learn more. And, since there is only one student, tutors can cover a lot more material than a classroom teacher.

Specialized Tutor / Teacher
Jill Sousa is a credentialed teacher with a Masters in Education, specializing in reading & writing. She has a passion for inspiring students to improve in their reading fluency and comprehension to make them the best student they can possibly be.

Private Reading Tutor Fees: 
$60.00 per hour/ $30.00 per 1/2 hour


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Free Writing Assessment 
There are so many building blocks to become a successful writer that it is often difficult for parents to identify what is causing a child to struggle. Children struggle to find enough time to master writing. The free writing assessment will test students in ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.

Private Writing Tutor  
When a child is struggling with writing it affects every area of the life. Individualized instruction in with a private writing tutor allows the student to fully understand writing mechanics. The pace of the instruction is solely geared to the student and their individual needs.

Benefits to private tutoring:

Improved Self-Image 
Once children know what they can accomplish in their writing, they become more confident. As their self-esteem grows, they develop a better self-image. This makes them more open to putting more down on the page. Private tutoring can be particularly helpful if your child is shy or is uncomfortable around their peers.

Improve on Standardized Tests
Private tutoring can help students improve scores on standardized tests. A tutor can effectively identify student strengths and weaknesses. They will use student strengths to shore up weaknesses. This can make the difference between an average score and a competitive score.

Private Writing Tutor Fees: 
$60.00 per hour / $30.00 per half hour

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